Jeanelle Troncone, Comfort Therapist

Professional Childbirth Instructor, Doula
Early Parenthood Educator, Author and Mother of Six.

Empowering Women with Comfort

Equipping Husband/Coaches with Soothing Techniques

Seasoned and wise support with two decades of experience
and over a hundred births attended.

Learn deep comfort techniques;
breathing, relaxation, coaching, positioning
and more.

The Miracle of Birth
Anatomy and Terminology of Labor and Birth,
Birth Choices and Preferences,
Stages of Labor,
Comfort Breathing Techniques
(combination of Bradley and Lamaze),
Comfort Deep Relaxation Skills,
Comfort Coaching and Techniques,
Comfort Positions for Labor,
Comfort Pushing Techniques,
Interventions and Medications,
Postpartum, New Baby

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Doula Services and Birth Classes:
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760-804-0404 M-F 10-3

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